A short interactive narrative in which every decision leads to a different outcome...

You are corporate lawyer Michael Anderson, a young graduate of an ivy league university. You’re doing well in your job and you have a beautiful wife with whom you are building a home. Your only disappointment is that your wife Jenny is unable to conceive a child, a child that you desperately want. Other than this, your life is perfect, and perfectly mundane—until you receive an unexpected text message from the secret society you joined when you were in college. The society has been watching you. They want to make you an offer, an offer that could change your life. All you have to do is make a choice...

Created as part of my MA, this short web-based interactive narrative has four possible outcomes.


Short historical fiction

Sister Agnes used to be sure of her commitment to God. She used to be sure of her role in the community. However, lately she's been questioning her life behind the convent's walls. Across town, in Melbourne's Pentridge Prison, the murderess Jean Lee awaits the date of her execution. When Agnes is charged with visiting Jean in the days before she goes to the gallows, she doesn't know if she has what it takes to comfort a condemned woman. How on earth will she find the words?



Even if you’re not familiar with the band’s music, there’s hardly be a baby boomer in the world who hasn’t heard of Guns n’ Roses, the most dangerous hard rock band in the world. Frontman Axl Rose has a reputation for being disagreeable and volatile. But how did he get this reputation? Is he really a creative genius? Or is he just plain crazy?


K2 Children's educational title

Describes the life cycle, habitat, behavior, and physical structure of the soft-bodied sea animal that has no brain or bones.

Titled Jellyfish in the USA.