Open Wounds

I began my professional writing and editing career, I began as a prose writer and editor. However, apart from a small children's education title, I've never actually had any prose work published. My career took a turn into screenwriting and filmmaking and producing and for almost twenty years, that's where my focus remained.

Despite my love for screenwriting, my love prose writing never died. I love it as much today as I did when I took my first tentative steps towards a serious career in the writing and editing business.

As such, it's my absolute pleasure and delight to announce that my first collection of short fiction stories is now being published by the generous and supportive folk at Dixi Books.

The stories in this collection have been developed over a very long time—almost twenty years. Some of them are inspired by events that occurred in real life. Others are entirely fictional.

The characters in these stories exist in different locations and periods in time. They have vastly different lives, yet they are all connected by the devastating effects of physical and/or emotional trauma. Everything about a person, from the way they think, remember, learn, how they feel about themselves and others, and the way they view and understand the world, is affected and shaped by their experience.

The stories in this collection are not for the feint-of-heart. They shine a light on those moments in life that are as profound as they are traumatic. Some readers will undoubtedly be disturbed by the graphic nature of some of the text. I make no apologies for this. Life is graphic. Some might also be offended by the way I portray life in my home country. Well, as it says on the back cover of the book: Australia is known as the lucky country, but as we know luck is relative.

If you do chose to read my stories, I hope they move you. And I hope they make you think.

Open Wounds is scheduled for worldwide release on May 30 2019.